We are glad to announce that Zóé has started its program for 2017. On Sunday 29 January we started with 5 students: André, Raymond, Stanzel, Quayle (Kyle) and Preston. This first week the students had orientation and team building.

Here is what they had to say about their first week:

“This week I experienced a super blessed time in Zóé. Awesomeness in the presence of the Almighty God is the best feeling ever. Phil. 4:13 blessed me this week and it encouraged me a lot to know that I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me” – Stanzel

“Zóé is a place where you can be yourself the way God made you to be. Zóé is about unity between you and God and the people God has placed with you” – Raymond

“I didn’t expect Zóé to be for me, but this past week has been more than extremely fantastic. I believe it will be a life altering experience with God at the helm” – Quayle

“This week was every exciting. I learned a few new things and it was a bit different. The reason I say that is that everyday I learn something of myself and it is not boring. Thanks Zóé for changing my life” – André

“This week was challenging in areas but it was fun to come in unity with others. I know God is teaching me new things in this process so it was fun learning this week” – Preston

We are looking forward to this year and all that God has in store for Zóé and all the students.

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Live the life – the God kind of life!